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I am a Christian songwriter and composer based in London, England. On this site you will find 32 albums/projects of instrumental music and songs to listen to.

To start listening to the music, go to the Music tab (top right) and choose either Compositions or Songs for the full list of project titles. Alternatively go to the Songs A-Z list under the Music tab to locate specific songs.

If you want to purchase or use the music, feel free to contact me here.

My Symphony 1 now has three movements arranged using the incredible Vienna Symphonic Libraries orchestral sample software. You can listen to those here.

In April 2019 I released my original recordings of Symphonies 2 through 6.


The first movement of my Symphony 1.


Taken from my contemplative album ambient ditties for Jesus.


A cinematic theme for full orchestra, piano and synthesizers.


A wistful, romantic piece. Taken from Jazz for the Resurrection, Volume 2 and used by charity Mercy Worldwide in the video for their Changing Lives campaign.


A joyful piece for piano and synthesizer. Taken from my Biblical concept album Elijah the Tishbite.


Intended for use as a cellphone ringtone. Taken from Ringtones, the album.


A suspenseful film music sketch to describe a brief ghastly encounter!


The ‘Elisha’ theme is introduced. Taken from my Biblical concept album Elijah the Tishbite.


An upbeat orchestral sketch with a quick 6/4 pulse.