Symphony 1

In 2016 I acquired a new orchestral sample library, Vienna Symphonic Libraries (VSL), and I have been enthralled by the sonic potential of these Virtual Instruments (VIs)! My longer term aim is to rearrange all my symphonies and other orchestral works for VSL. I now also use Quantum Leap East West software to compose, so my new work from this date will draw from both. Prior to last year I was using Propellerheads Reason to compose for orchestra. This was my first introduction to scoring for orchestra and although I can hear the limitations with the samples now, I would still wholeheartedly recommend Reason as a good entry-level software for those looking to compose. The first three movements of Symphony 1 here are arranged using VSL; the last is the original Reason file. I hope you will appreciate the difference and enjoy the music regardless.

In 2017 I arranged Symphony 1 for string quartet. On 18 July 2017 I recorded four friends from north-east London performing Symphony 1 at Holy Trinity Church, Stroud Green.