Anglicanism is dead


Anglicanism is dead album cover

“Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.” (Luke 9:50).

Why are you attacking the Church of England? Aren’t they ‘for you’, your Anglican ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’?

Sadly, no – they are not true Christians.

But what do I mean by ‘Anglicanism’?
When I wrote the song on the day of my Nanna’s funeral, my family and I were grieving her painful loss. I am the only Christian in my family, and I had visited my Nanna in the care home where I read to her from the Bible. Sadly, she never became a Christian, although she had given me a blue King James Bible as a gift earlier in my life. I began writing the song while waiting for the train to London, lamenting the passing of a kind-hearted and gentle soul, but also indignant and emotionally confused about the ritual religiosity during my Nanna’s funeral at the Anglican church building.

For the purposes of the song, ‘Anglicanism’ refers to so-called Christianity in this land. Anglicans claim “85 million members are part of national or regional Churches that call themselves Anglican (or Episcopal in some countries) which collectively are known as the Anglican Communion” (Source: Anglican Communion website). And the Church of England call the Anglican Communion “a group of separate churches that are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and for whom he is the focus of unity” (Source: Church of England website). So, strictly, the ‘fellowship’ of Anglicans everywhere – Anglicanism – is not geographically restricted to this land.

But what I meant by ‘Anglicanism’ is ‘English church’ or ecclesia anglicana (a Latin term Anglicans say dates to 1246 – Source: Anglican Communion website).

So, with 85 million members globally (70 million according to the Church of England – Source: Church of England website), how can I claim “Anglicanism”, whether here or there, “is dead”?

Well, because the so-called ‘Church’ of England is not the true church. In fact, it is not a church at all. Those 85 million souls are still dead in their sins.

A church (or ecclesia in Latin) is, by definition, the “called out”. Called out of what? The darkness. Called out by whom? God:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. (1 Peter 2:9)

The beguiling history pages of the Church of England website confidently claims the “roots of the Church of England” was the church in England during Roman times (as portrayed in my song ‘The Old River of Londinium’ here). But even if there were true Christians in England during the Roman times, what they believed about Jesus and his salvation message would have been at odds with what the ‘Church’ of England currently teaches and practices. In fact, I believe God is outraged at the ‘lie’ of Anglicanism. For example…

The ‘Church’ of England teaches that babies can be baptised. But Jesus did not teach this. Jesus teaches that false teachers are going to hell (Jude 4). So too did the murdered little flock of Medieval London (see my song ‘The Dippers’ here).

The ‘Church’ of England is under a ‘Supreme Governor’ (currently Her Majesty the Queen) who appoints its leaders, 26 of whom sit in Parliament. Parliament sanctions the murder of children by technicians in hospitals and clinics (190,800 children in 2013 – Source: Abortion Statistics, England and Wales, 2013). Jesus did not teach this. In fact, Jesus’ Bible records it was the enemies of God’s people who ‘sacrificed’ their children to their gods. Jesus teaches that false teachers are going to hell (Jude 4).

Her Majesty the Queen and Parliament in 2013 sanctioned same-sex ‘marriage’. This is a blasphemy and a violation of Jesus’ intentions for men and women on earth. What should be the ‘Church’ of England’s position? Sin! Our great Queens have long been involved in the murder of the innocents. Queen Elizabeth I reigned over the torture and execution of sweet children of God (as chronicled in my song ‘The Strangers’ here). Jesus teaches that false teachers are going to hell (Jude 4).

Parliament in 2000 sanctioned homosexual activity between men aged 16 or over. The ‘Church’ of England “affirm[s] that homosexual orientation in itself is no bar to a faithful Christian life or to full participation in lay and ordained ministry in the Church and acknowledge the importance of lesbian and gay members of the Church of England participating in the listening process as full members of the Church'” (Source: Church of England website). Jesus teaches that false teachers are going to hell (Jude 4).

The ‘Church’ of England spends £130 million per year on repairs to buildings (Source: Church of England website).

“If we don’t knock down all the churches, God will cos we’re sinful wretches… so put this down to grief, for I’ve been handed a brief – plant a beautiful orchard where the Palace of Westminster once stood” (‘Anglicanism is dead’).

Come out of the darkness. Come into the light. For Anglicanism is dead.