A Warm Welcome Awaits You

Warm welcome for mp3

In the early hours of a January 2012 morning, while I was recording the song ‘Burning’, there was a ‘serious police incident’ at a Pentecostal church very near to where I live. I believe¬†guns were involved.

But it was intense and palpable. Spiritual warfare. In that moment, it actually felt to me like I was Satan’s intended target, that he and his hoardes didn’t want that song to be recorded.

As I recorded it – and as I listen back now – I felt (and still feel) a part of something vast, dangerous and eternal – the relaying of God’s spiritual truth to a dark, lost and (mostly) indifferent world.

Three long years in the making, here it is.

A Warm Welcome Awaits You.

The lyric book is available to read here: A Warm Welcome Awaits You