England Is A Rumour


Written, recorded and performed with James and Deirdre Morgan.

Don’t get me wrong… “I’m an Englishman in my blood, and my blood is on fire in my veins” (‘The Butcher of Smithfield’). But as much as I relate to the ‘butcher’s’ patriotic zeal “in the name of religious pride”, the meaning and value of my own Englishness pale into insignificance when I consider what is real, spiritual patriotism – the appreciation of true, eternal, heavenly citizenship (Philippians 3:20 – NIV84). Would I the English be saved? Yes. Yet that Church (so-called) of England had on its hands the blood of true followers of Christ, and churches in England today still practise warped tradition over the true intent of God. Murdered for what they believed by the English crown and clergy were two Anabaptists, Simon Fish and James Bainham. Twice a “sorrowful widow”, Joan Fish, the woman who married both men, laments how “England is a rumour, haunted by hate” – for “they tortured and they burned true people of the faith”! (‘The lament of Mrs. Fish’). Prayerfully, the lives remembered on this record – the Fish-Bainham trio; ‘Saint’ Alban; the Second-Century French Christian martyr, Blandina; and the Swiss Bible scholar, Conrad Grebel – will inspire us to hold fast to the true gospel which transcends earthly, national borders and is Today bearing fruit in disciples of “all nations” (Matthew 28:19 – NIV).

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