Heart’s desire


The Bible says what a man truly desires is “unfailing love” (Prov 19:22 – NIV) – which is to say, God Himself (see also Psalm 21:7, Psalm 32:10, Psalm 33:5, Psalm 33:18 and many other places).

After releasing in 2010 a CD of simple acoustic gospel  songs, I began writing and producing multi-tracked songs, the lyrical content of many of which has been fuelled by my rediscovered commitment to and faith in Jesus as the Saviour of all men (1 Tim 4:10 NIV).

I continue to compose orchestral and jazz instrumental pieces using a computer, although song-writing on guitar will always be close to my heart as I have done it so much. The notion of fusing some of my ‘computer music’ with vocals emerged – the song ‘Heart’s Desire’ itself came from a period in 2012 when I began learning alto saxophone

While it was conceived as an album of Christian ‘easy listening’ music, I sincerely hope Heart’s Desire will help persuade “all men” of the truth of the gospel for which Jesus died.