To whom it may concern



To whom it may concern (for mp3)

“O adulterous nation, O my adulterous bride, where is your morality, what is going on inside? I am invested, invested in you, heart and soul!” (‘Gomer’).

As Hosea’s wife was being unfaithful to him, so too was Israel betraying her God. The pain Hosea must have felt as he discovered his beloved was giving herself to other men, God also felt about his bride – but knew this would fuel the man’s prophetic fervour to turn his chosen people from becoming more deeply enslaved by a ‘spirit of prostitution’.

In our day, western societies are, in my view, spiritually prostituting themselves with all manner of evil.

‘Evil America’ is a diatribe against the United States’ stance on gay ‘matrimony’ (so-called) and same-sex parenting; it also responds to views expressed (as recently as July 2015) by academics here (in the UK) and there that we should be nice and cuddly towards ‘minor attracted’ individuals –

“Tie a millstone round your neck and jump into the sea! You paedophile, pervert thinkers, you need Jesus just like me!” (‘Evil America’).

‘Big words’ deals with the proliferation of selfish advertising pretty much everywhere and anywhere you might choose to go now. I abhor this devilish poison, this Coca-cola overkill. All they want is your gold.

“Hear this you priests! Pay attention you Jews! Listen O royal house, this judgment is against you!”

The lyric book is available to read here: To whom it may concern