The songs A-Z

A miracle (I can’t find the tears)
All that you got (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Amazing love (Heart’s desire)
Anglicanism is dead (Anglicanism is dead)
Avatar glasses (Anglicanism is dead)
Be a disciple (Turn or burn!!!)
Believe in Jesus (Take a stand!)
Big words (To whom it may concern)
Blandina (England is a rumour)
Blind (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Blood on the streets (A warm welcome awaits you)
Broken (strong in Christ)
Broken by love (To whom it may concern)
Burning (A warm welcome awaits you)
Burning love (A warm welcome awaits you)
Can’t find the tears (I can’t find the tears)
Changed (strong in Christ)
Choices (Devils)
Conrad Grebel (England is a rumour)
Dead man (Turn or burn!!!)
Devils (Devils)
Don’t crucify me (Anglicanism is dead)
Don’t walk away (Turn or burn!!!)
Down in the love (strong in Christ)
Dying for your love (Take a stand!)
Embrace his love (strong in Christ)
Everybody’s schizophrenic (Devils)
Everything is on fire (Turn or burn!!!)
Evil America (To whom it may concern)
Evil man (Anglicanism is dead)
Faithful (Take a stand!)
Fire is a-comin’ (Devils)
Fisherman (Take a stand!)
Forever (Heart’s desire)
Forgiveness (Heart’s desire)
Give everything (Fuel for the fire)
Glow (Take a stand!)
God rocks! (Turn or burn!!!)
Gomer (To whom it may concern)
Gospel song (The true friend)
Heart’s desire (Heart’s desire)
Heavy burden (Fuel for the fire)
Heroes like us (Devils)
Hot girl (To whom it may concern)
Human gold (Anglicanism is dead)
I always got a friend in you (The true friend)
I need to talk with Jesus (Take a stand!)
I think of heaven (The true friend)
I will (Heart’s desire)
In heaven (Heart’s desire)
In your eyes (Take a stand!)
It’s okay (I can’t find the tears)
James Bainham (England is a rumour)
Jesus gonna call you (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Jesus cares for you (I can’t find the tears)
Jesus he loves me (Turn or burn!!!)
Keep on rockin (Turn or burn!!!)
Keep on walking (strong in Christ)
Kissing the devil (A warm welcome awaits you)
Leaving for London (Anglicanism is dead)
Like Jesus (Fuel for the fire)
Love is here (Devils)
Lust outside the mosque (A warm welcome awaits you)
Making money (Turn or burn!!!)
McDonald’s Milkshake (I can’t find the tears)
Men of violence (A warm welcome awaits you)
My dear brother (strong in Christ)
My love (To whom it may concern)
Never blue (Fuel for the fire)
O Jesus (Take a stand!)
Olanzapine clipboard (A warm welcome awaits you)
Old friend (Anglicanism is dead)
Old Testament prophet in New Testament times (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Our wedding day (The true friend)
Plague of love (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Pornography (A warm welcome awaits you)
Praying ain’t a sin (I can’t find the tears)
Probably in hell (To whom it may concern)
Psalm (strong in Christ)
Psychiatry-insanity (Devils)
Psycho for love (Devils)
Putney Bridge without shoes (Devils)
Religious Jo (Anglicanism is dead)
Say a prayer (okay?) (Heart’s desire)
Schizophrenia (Devils)
Shelter me (I can’t find the tears)
Simon Fish (England is a rumour)
Sleep, world, sleep (A warm welcome awaits you)
Song for Haiti (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Take a stand (Take a stand!)
The blood of Jesus (Fuel for the fire)
The butcher of Smithfield (England is a rumour)
The coming wrath (Anglicanism is dead)
The cross (Take a stand!)
The dippers (England is a rumour)
The end is coming (I can’t find the tears)
The finish line (Heart’s desire)
The God of heaven (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
The greatest love (Turn or burn!!!)
The great love above (To whom it may concern)
The hunting club (To whom it may concern)
The lament of Mrs. Fish (England is a rumour)
The living one (The true friend)
The love of Jesus (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
The love of money (A warm welcome awaits you)
The master of all circumstance (Turn or burn!!!)
The old river of Londinium (England is a rumour)
The poet (strong in Christ)
The prayer of Mrs. Fish (England is a rumour)
The prophet (The true friend)
There is a home (Fuel for the fire)
The strangers (England is a rumour)
The true friend (The true friend)
Think (Heart’s desire)
This fire (Fuel for the fire)
This love (Prosecco rain for the hell bent herd)
Too far gone (To whom it may concern)
Train ride (Fuel for the fire)
Turn or burn (Anglicanism is dead)
Unbelieving town (Fuel for the fire)
Vote for me (Fuel for the fire)
Waiting (I can’t find the tears)
Wait on love (Fuel for the fire)
War is us (strong in Christ)
Who you are (I can’t find the tears)
Wounded (strong in Christ)
You’ll believe in love in the end (The true friend)
You won’t let go (The true friend)